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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 3, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. i'm andrea roane. we begin with breaking news in the search for two missing swimmers along the potomac. a second body was found about an hour ago near perry island which sits in the middle of the river. that's all officials are telling 9 news right now. the body is on its way to a medical examiner for identification. the first body was found yesterday. it's believed to be the bodies of her mother and 13-year-old daughter who were swept away by the river current on monday. in light of recent
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tragedies, the potomac river task force is stepping up efforts to alert people about the dangers in the potomac. the group had a press conference this morning. kristin fisher was there. >> reporter: the message here was simple. stay out of the potomac. 13 people have drowned in the river since 2003 and including the two possible drowning deaths this past memorial day. search and rescue spent two days scouring the potomac for the missing 35-year-old woman and her 13-year-old daughter. for some unknown reason the mother entered the water during a memorial day celebration and lost her footing. when her daughter tried to help her, the two were swept away in the current. 48 hours later a helicopter spotted a body floating in the potomac five miles from where the missing women entered the water. thursday morning another body washed up near perry island. it is too early to confirm whether they are the missing mother and daughter, but
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hopefully some goodwill come out of the likely tragedy. >> the good, if you will, that could come of this, are lessons learned. the lesson learned is that the river is relentless and can be deadly and it is deadly and the safety messages that are posted everywhere need to be embraced and received by everyone. >> reporter: that's the message that the potomac river safety task force tried to reinforce at a press conference on thursday morning. they are renewing their efforts to reid mind the public about the -- reminding the public about the dangerous part of the potomac river from the falls to key bridge. they say it is not only illegal to swim, but if you go in you'll be lucky to come out alive. kristin fisher, 9 news now. 9 news now is following a deadly hit-and-run on route 50 and day dale drive.
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the victim was a 52-year-old man installing a traffic counting device when he was struck and killed. a second driver struck the same man but that driver stopped and is not facing charges. a water main break forced classes to close early in alexandria. this school is without water. students were dismissed after 10:00 a.m. this morning. the problem is a busting main along king street near 395. 200 customers are also without water. virginia american water crews hope to have it repaired in time for the evening commute. finally some promising news in the gulf oil disaster. bp has successfully sliced off a pipe in an effort to contain the gushing well. this is a live look at under water operations right now. you can still see oil gushing from the well. today's development is the first positive news since this all began more than a month ago. as manual guy egg as reports,
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capping the gusher is the next move. >> reporter: using giant sheers, bp crews have succeeded in cutting the top of a pipe pumping oil into the gulf. >> for the first time in a couple of days i have some good news. we have just cut the pipe. >> reporter: but the cut is irregular and that means it won't be a tight fit. bp admits it was unprepared for the oil spill. toby hayward told a london paper, we did not have the tools you would want in your tool kit. president obama will visit lousiana tomorrow to get a firsthand look at the latest efforts. oil is still washing up along mississippi, alabama and mississippi and now it's threatening florida's panhandle. a quarter million feet of boom is being laid out as emergency workers race to save florida beaches oil is 7 miles off shore and officials admit they won't be able to block all of
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it. >> if it gets pass that pass, this whole bay is dead. >> reporter: vacationers and locals in pensacola are trying to enjoy the beach while they still can. >> hoping get in one last surf session before the oil comes in because i don't want to breathe that stuff in. >> reporter: and the bright white sand could be coated with crude by tomorrow. manual gallegos, 9 news now. >> our coverage continues at a quick-moving fire guts a two story building in northeast washington this morning and at this point investigators are not sure what sparked the blaze in the 4100 block of minnesota avenue northeast. it appears the building is a total loss. no one was hurt. fire trucks on the scene tied up traffic during this morning's commute. right now prince william county police are trying to find out what stabbed a 31-year- old man. the unidentified man was found last night on forestdale avenue
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and ferndale drive in dale city. the victim was found after his car crashed into several parked vehicles. he died at the scene. at this point the police are not releasing his name. a 16-year-old girl found shot in the head has died. police found her bleeding and lying on the sidewalk in greenbelt, maryland, on monday. right now investigators have not released the teen's name. so far no suspect is in custody. israel's army is using video commandos seized during their deadly raid ofoy -- of a flotilla. activists claim they were bringing aid to palestinians in gaza when their ship was taken over. another flotilla leaves for the region today. the president took time out from his busy schedule for family time this morning. the president and first lady were spotted going to sid well friends school for an event.
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sasha is a student at the bethesda campus. malia attending the northwest location. a man is shot in the head and dragged to his death. the suspect isn't talking. find out why police say they have the information they need to get a conviction. the queen speaks out on the massacre in northern england. i'm rita nissan, that story is coming up.
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a south carolina community is on edge after a black man is shot in the head, tied up and dragged from the back of a pickup truck for at least ten miles. 30-year-old anthony hill's body was found on a road near the florida border yesterday morning. investigators have a suspect in custody. gregory collins worked with the victim and so far he isn't talking but officials say he doesn't have to. >> we found some forensic evidence on the truck that tied this all together for us. we're not sure at this point what led to the heinous and horrific action that took the body from the school. >> the fbi is also getting involved in this investigation. the long time suspect in the disappearance of alabama teenager natalee holloway in aruba is now wanted in a murder in peru. police are searching for joran
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van der sloot at the death of a 21-year-old woman. they were seen in a video in a casino earlier and a international warrant has been issued. officials are still trying to figure out what caused a taxi driver to unleash a deadly shooting spree. 12 people were gunned down in northern england. as rita nissan reports, his brother was one of the victims. >> reporter: british investigators are trying to figure out what turned this mild mannered taxi driver into a mass murderer. >> just massive james bond type sniper rifle. >> reporter: some day derek byrd threatened to go on a rampage after a dispute with fellow cab drivers and others say it was a family dispute. heib injured -- he injured
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dozens. his first brother was the first victim, shot in the face. they were reportedly fighting over a will. but he aimed at people randomly, including this 15- year-old. >> i held on to my head and ducked down when he was going to shoot and then he just missed me but i could feel it goes past my head. >> reporter: mass shootings in england are rare. gun control is among the strictest in the world. even the queen released a statement from bucking ham palace. she said she shares in the grief and horror of the whole country. byrd drove through several towns with his gun hanging out of the window. when he was over there were 30 crime scenes, including this one where he shot himself. police recovered two guns and said he owned them legally. now flowers mark where byrd unleashed his rage and forever changed this quiet tourist community. rita nissan for cbs news, london. a suspected drunk driver lost control of his car and it goes airborne and it's all
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caught on tape. this is footage from a security camera outside of dallas-fort worth airport tuesday night. the driver never slowed down. he hit the median and flew through the air. the car crashed and and the driver suffered only minor injuries. and howard is up with today's forecast. >> and pet line says i have a cute cocker spaniel for you. and we have storms on the way. and the heat is here. and as far as the allergy update, that's good news because everything is low except for grass and that's moder at which is better than yesterday when it was high. we'll talk about the storms on pet line thursday when we return.
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the jefferson memorial is getting the foundation it needs to be around for generations to come. crews are strengthening the foundation of the sea wall which has been slowly slip ago way from the memorial -- slipping away from the memorial plaza for years. the sinking wall had become a hazard for visitors. it may take away from the memorial beauty for now, officials say the repairs are sorely needed. >> the construction takes away the beauty of the washington monument. when tourists are take a picture of the jefferson memorial, they have to take a picture that way and the construction blocks it out. >> work on the memorial should be finished in time for next year's cherry blossom festival. the komen race for the cure is this saturday on the mall and there is still time to sign up but saw to do it in person
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at the high at regency capitol hill. registration happens today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. and be sure to watch our special, impact, make one, airing saturday night at 8:00 here on channel 9 and at hello, again. >> we have some storms coming this afternoon. >> definitely. >> we're going to get a cg 19 first. that's inside lingo. and while he's doing that. we have the heat and humidity, and now the energy is coming into play. it's a very juicy atmosphere. so the fuel is already -- the fire is made and all we have to do is light it. and i do believe we'll have a receiver thunderstorm watch any minute. but by 1:00 we'll have storms across the area. we move out in west virginia as
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it is showing some thunderstorm activity here. this gets helped by these storms moving in and even a few storms starting to fire in the mountains on the virginia-west virginia border. up in northern shenandoah valley, a lot of action over the next hour as this comes toward you. for the rest of us, it will take a few more hours. we'll talk about what is happening here with the forecast for the next three days. strong to severe storms today. we may get a little bit warmer but as the storms come in with the cloud cover, so near 90. tomorrow and saturday also upper 80s to near 90 with heat and isolated afternoon storms. today should be the most active of the next few days. so this afternoon, with your forecast first, partly sunny and scattered thunderstorms and some severe and damaging winds and even hail not out of the question and so stay up on the weather this afternoon. highs around 90, southwest winds 5-10 miles per hour. for tonight, passing showers and storms.
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especially before midnight. muggy and 66-73. west southwest winds at 5-10. this first batch can be south and east of us by 6:00 or 7:00 and then maybe we'll see something else for the rest of the evening. partly sunny, an isolated afternoon storm on friday with highs around 90. look at the dew point. moisture, upper 60s to low 70s. fredericksberg, that's on the fritz, but a lot of low level moisture in place and temperatures have shot into the upper 80s. 88 right now outside in washington and manassas. lower 80s from easton and cambridge and in the shenandoah valley. and winchester is 85 and orange is up to 89 degrees. so we have 88. dew point has dropped at national and mostly sunny with a west southwest wind at 8 miles per hour. see this cluster. this is left over from a cluster of storms that hit around louisville, kentucky and that will come into the juicy air mass. we have the heat and humidity. front up here and it is not diving south and east so if you think we'll have a front to come through and clear things out, think again.
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we're going to be in the soupiness for the next couple of days. here at 7:00 still waiting for the storms and by midnight still a few showers are possible and then starting a much quieter friday with a couple of showers popping up friday afternoon. by saturday morning we should be in good shape for the race for the cure. and then storms possible saturday afternoon. so the seven-day forecast looks like this, heat and humidity, scattered thunderstorms today, near 90. isolated storms tomorrow and saturday afternoon. again, upper 80s to near 90. and then we'll be looking at some nicer weather next week when we cool down and dry out. it is thursday at noon. petline thursday. ali cohen from all breed rescue is with us. and who is this? >> this is emma and she's a cockapoo. >> that's poodle and cocker spaniel. >> that's what we were told. >> how did you get here? >> somebody just couldn't take
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care of her so she's been passed around a lot and she needs a permanent home. >> she has a cute little under bite. >> we're working on that. the orthodon'tist said we could fix that. >> doggy braces. she's not missing the meals there. but a good dog. she's all healthy and ready to go? >> she's fantastic. she's in perfect condition. she's not going to grow any more. maybe 14 pounds. >> if you have a small house or apartment and little dogs don't eat much, little food bill. >> she doesn't. >> how can folks contact you if they are interested in emma. >> go to our website at and her picture and bio will be there. >> and go to our website, our pet section, we have links to all of the area on 9 news now.
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we're going into the kitchen and trust me it smells good.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. you're getting up early and so are we. every week de morning we're starting 9 news now at 4:25. so join me, howard and angie. right now we're in the kitchen and having a great time. it smells good in here. we're fired up about the next segment. it's wildfire's executive chef steven lucas here with tips on summertime grilling. good to have you back here on 9 news now. what's on the menu?
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>> i'm going to make a summertime dinner. i'm going to do a grilled caesar salad and i have romaine hearts here and i'm going to brush with caesar dressing and then i'm going to toast some croutons with a little pesto. here is my twist on it. it's not going to be your traditional little caesar salad, it will be a caesar pesto dressing. >> it sounds good. >> so we'll drop those. >> and again i'll tell you right now that the recipe will be on our website, just click on recipes. steven it's not just the salad you're doing on the grill, we're looking at the whole array. this is the meal from soup to nuts. why on the grill? >> first of all, you don't have to do as many dishes when you are done and it adds carmellization and enhances the flavor of the food, especially the summertime food that is picked and has higher sugar level.
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so it really dricking out a nice -- so it really brings out a nice carmellization. >> and grilling doesn't take that long. >> and you are doing this right here in the studio so you don't need to be a whiz on the big kettle grill. >> it's good if it's a rainy summer day. can you still get the flavor. and here i just have some caesar dressing and i'll add pesto into it. >> and as you're whipping up the pesto dressing and people are crowding in, what else do you have on the menu? let's start with the shrimp. >> this is a mediterranean salad and grilled flat bread. some local strawberries that i toss on the grill for 45 seconds and that brings out the sugar in them. and then -- >> and the flat bread. >> the flat bread we did on the grill. >> that is nice.
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and you also offer some wonderful wines that go well with grilling. is there a difference than if you were doing it any other way? >> well we definitely pair up whatever is on the grill with the wines that we're featuring for the month. we have a quite extensive list. there are tons of -- tons to choose from. >> well we're running out of time, but in case you didn't know, wildfire is in tysons corner. it's wonderful. this menu is on our website. that's it for us. the next news is at 5:00 and you can always see us at we'll be back tomorrow at 4:25 a.m. >> we're on the web at
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